Special Gift: Symbolic Grief Ritual Exercise and a 30 Minute Relationship Possibility Session

Your ability to truly love yourself, your significant other (whether you have one now or want one), the people around you, and the world is impacted by your ability to open your heart. If you’re feeling like your heart is trapped inside a cage, you feel numb, or you have a hard time receiving love in your life, then the Symbolic Grief Ritual exercise is a powerful tool for you.

Depending on your skill level and what you’re experiencing, you might be able to do the Symbolic Grief Ritual exercise on your own.

Download the Symbolic Grief Ritual by clicking here as my gift to you.

However, if you are having trouble with it, or you feel like you’ve built up an unpenetrable wall around your heart then I’m happy to offer a Complimentary¬† 30 minute Relationship Possibility Session.

In this private session with me we can discuss your situation, and what you can do to create the relationship experience you truly desire.

During our time together, you will get:

  • Someone who listens so that you feel heard.
  • Someone who provides you with encouragement, hope and SOLUTIONS for problems that have prevented you from connecting with your partner.
  • Expert counsel on how to start turning things around right away!
you want to ENJOY genuine peace and harmony, Don’t you? Claim your session now.


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